Organizations that will enjoy the long and short term access to the changing markets will have to provide services that will fit into the new drivers and in total understand how it affects its customers then become the bridge to the gap.


Novotech Works is positioned to ensure your technology needs are met. Our team prides in the multiple experiences acquired from working on various turnkey IT projects locally and globally. Our digital and retail space focus helps your organization with a 360 degrees view in taking right decisions and getting the ultimate value for your investments.



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Major retail organizations have been in a race to consolidate and renew their branch networks and digital frameworks as a way to enter new markets, increase penetration of existing markets and build wallet share among customers. Many organizations especially banks are investing in new type ebranches; others are spending excess capital in the hope of generating more business through new and renewed branches. But simply having the most extensive or best-designed branch network may not be enough to succeed. In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors and achieve their growth objectives, banks must be able to attract customers to their Branches or digital channels , identify the needs of each customer using these channels or branch and have the capabilities necessary to meet those needs. Novotech Works is a pioneer in this space. We have collective experiences ranging from self service equipment deployment, customer behavior pattern understanding, product development, project set-up costs, requirements and service operations design. Talk to us today and experience the future!!!



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Like we say in-house, branding strategy review is not just about designing new logos, installing new signages and setting up product campaigns. Let Novotech works be your trusted partner and help draw out the new course for your brand. We have deep rooted passion and experience in the retail space. We can lead you to the future of your organization in the fast evolving business segments. Who are you taking today about brand aliment strategies? Do they have clear knowledge of where IT and payments is going? Do they truly understand how your business segment works?


Every re-branding strategy for us is a new project, we do not copy scripts, we form your strategy from within your organization and we guide you to the future. Our global partners make our efforts clearer with all the support required to ensure the brand strategy dreams are delivered to the purpose.



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We work closely with the best in-class construction partners locally and globally to deliver value to our customers. This gives us the edge above and beyond others. We take up turnkey projects and deliver to design and intent.



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